Brown, Mobley & Way, P.C.BMW Tax serves individuals, organizations, + businesses of NOVA and DC – offering financial services for tax returns of all types. Be sure to contact them for a FREE 30-minute business consultation + learn more about what tax accountant, Agnes Pearce-Chapman has to say about BMW below 👇🏻 + be sure to give them a follow on Facebook!

Tell us about your business!

BMW is a reputed, certified tax + accounting company in Manassas, VA. We have been in business for over 35 years + we have earned the trust + confidence of our clients by offering professional tax + accounting services. We value people, teamwork, leadership, + our clients successes.

What is a memorable moment/accomplishment you can share about your business?

We have had the honor of winning several Chamber awards + nominations throughout the years

How did you get involved with HGBA + what do you like most about being part of the community?

We love being able to network with other businesses!

Are there any goals/projects your business is excited about?

We are always excited to strive for excellence which is a daily goal of ours.

Agnes, we’d love for you to share something about yourself that others might be surprised to learn 😀

I am an ordained minister!